Sizzling Spring with The Art of Spice

Spring is upon us and I’m reminded of the tasty, refreshing food I had growing up like ceviche, fresh fruit, and guacamole—all topped off with hot sauce. That’s why I am so excited to share with you this new hot sauce from De La Viuda, made with a 100% traditional Mexican recipe. There are twoContinue reading “Sizzling Spring with The Art of Spice”

Be you. Do you. Love you. Solita Love Tips to get through V-Day.

Amor is in the air everywhere I look around. Literally, it’s throwing up Valentine’s Day in every drugstore, corner store, shopping center, you name it! And, I can’t help but stare at a big-eyed pink teddy bear I want gifted to me. The thought creeps into my head, “I wish I had a Valentine”, andContinue reading “Be you. Do you. Love you. Solita Love Tips to get through V-Day.”

Six Lessons from Real Women Have Curves

I recently revisited one of my all-time favorite movies starring America Ferrera, Real Women Have Curves. I was first introduced to this film back in high school, summer of my sophomore year by my prima. She recommended the film, hinting that I should be confident about my body, that my curves were something worth celebratingContinue reading “Six Lessons from Real Women Have Curves”

10 Latina-Owned Brands Holiday Gift Guide

Growing up in South Texas, the holidays have always been a special time with traditions like eating tamales, buñuelos, and drinking hot chocolate with my family. It means so much to me now more than ever because I live a six-hour drive away in Austin, TX. Every year I can see that my abuelita’s paceContinue reading “10 Latina-Owned Brands Holiday Gift Guide”

I dressed like Selena for a week and this is what happened

I’ve been gordita all my life and I was bullied growing up. I found myself playing make believe at an early age that I was like Selena Quintanilla Perez. I remember dancing to Selena y Los Dinos songs in my room as a little Tejanita with hair brush in hand, boom box blasting Como LaContinue reading “I dressed like Selena for a week and this is what happened”